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Zostrix HP Cream 45g

Zostrix HP Cream 45g

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Zostrix HP Cream 45g 

Zostrix HP Cream Topical Analgesic Cream

Zostrix HP Cream helps to ease the pain of Post Herpetic Neuralgia or Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy.

Zostrix HP Cream is a high potency natural pain reliever made from the active ingredient in red hot chilli peppers called Capsaicin. It is a naturally occurring substance found in plants of the Solanacae family.  By using the Zostrix HP cream every day the capsaicin will build up, causing the pain to fade thus giving relief.

For Post Herpetic Neuralgia pain or Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy pain, applying the extra strength Zostrix HP cream is advised.  For Osteoarthritis pain, the original strength Zostrix cream is advised.

About 20% of people dianosed with shingles suffer from the long-lasting pain of post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN), a condition that can be more painful than the shingles and Zostrix HP cream can help to ease this pain.  Most people will suffer with shingles for about one month, but the pain and skin sensitivity of PHN can continue for months or even years in some. 

PHN pain can persist long after the shingles rash heals as the herpes virus can cause damage to the nerve fibers, resulting in mild to severe pain.  The pain form nerve damage is among one of the worst types of pain to suffer from, and all normal activity can come to a halt for months.  This pain may be sharp, piercing, throbbing or stabbing and may result in intolable skin sensitivity to even the slightest touch.  The pain from PHN will occur in the same area as the pain and rash from the shingles, either being in the exact same area the rash was, or in a smaller area with in the rash site, or even in an area larger that the original rash region.  The risk of developing PHN increases with age, so PHN occurs much more often in older people.

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN) occurs in people with diabetes as they have an abnormal elevation in blood sugar levels, and they lack the insulin to metabolize that extra blood sugar.  As a consequence, the blood sugar abnormally enters certain nerve tissues and damages those nerves.  This can occur in any type of diabetes, it does not matter if the person is on insulin, is taking pills, or is diet controlled.  As the nerve damage occurs due to the DPN, the protective sensations are affected.  These protective sensations include the ability to determine the difference between sharp and dull, hot and cold, pressure differences and vibration and they become dulled and/or altered. The process begins with a burning sensation in the toes and it progresses up the foot in a "stocking distribution" causing the feet become more and more numb.  The nerve damage that occurs in the condition is considered to be permanent and is not reversible, although the progression of DPN can be slowed or halted by maintaining normal blood sugar levels and the pain eased with the help of Zostrix HP cream.

Zostrix HP Cream instructions:

It is important to use this medicine as directed.

Lightly massage a small quantity of Zostrix HP Cream into the skin around the affected area four times a day for maximum benefit.  These applications should be evenly spaced throughout the waking hours and no more than every four hours.

A little amount of Zostrix HP Cream often is the general rule as more than a single blob won't make it work any better and will just waste the cream.  The cream should be gently rubbed in so that there is no residue left on the skin.

You may notice a tingling or burning senstation or a redness of the skin after the cream has been applied, which is normal particularly in the early stages of treatment.  This is a sign that the capsaicin in the cream working and over the first few days or weeks this effect will gradually disappear.  The burning can be worse is the medicine is applied less than the recommended 3 - 4 times a day.

After applying Zostrix HP cream, fully wash the residue off the fingers, unless the hand is being treated by the cream.

Do not apply Zostrix HP cream to cracked or broken or damaged skin.Do not apply Zosrix HP cream just after or before a hot bath or shower as it can make the stinging worse.

Do not allow Zostrix HP Cream to come into contact with the eyes. Do not put tight bandages over Zostrix HP cream. Zostrix HP Cream is not considered suitable for use on children - please consult your doctor.

Store Zostrix HP Cream below 25°C

Zostrix HP Cream Ingredients:

Capsaicin USP 0.075% w/w (active ingredient),  purified water,  sorbitol solution,  isopropyl myristate,  cetyl alcohol,  white soft paraffin,  glyceryl stearate,  PEG-100 stearate and  benzyl alcohol.

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