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Solgar Comfort Zone Digestive Complex Capsules 90

Solgar Comfort Zone Digestive Complex Capsules 90

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Solgar Comfort Zone Digestive Complex Capsules 90

Solgar Comfort Zone is an Advanced Digestive Complex Containing High Activity Enzymes Developed To Help Encourage More Efficient and Thorough Digestion

Solgar Comfort Zone Helps to Support the Body's Natural Digestive Process So You Can Turn What You Eat Into What You Need More Efficiently

Solgar Comfort Zone is a balanced botanical blend naturally devloped to help metabolise even difficult to digest foods. Having the right enzyme support can make a difference in your overall digestive health. Enzymes help to break foods down to molecular level for optimum absorption through the intestinal wall. They help break down proteins into amino acids, carbohydrates into simple sugars and fats into fatty acids. We all digest foods differently and can benefit from extra enzyme availabilty. Adding one capsule with every meal can make a real difference in food break down, improving the nutritional value of your meal and nutrient status in the body, promoting overall good health

Directions: Take 1 capsule with a meal three times daily

Presentation: Each Pack Contains 90 Vegetable Capsules

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. If symptoms persist, please contact your doctor. Do NOT exceed the stated dose.

Ingredients: Each vegetable capsule provides:

  • Proprietary Enzyme Blend - 200mg
    • Providing:
    • Amylase (Carbohydrate Enzyme) 12,500 DU*
    • Protease SP (Protein Enzyme) - 50,000 HUT*
    • Lactase (Dairy Enzyme) - 1,000 ALU*
    • Pectinase/Phytase (Carbohydrate Enzyme) - 75 endo-PGU*
    • Lipase (Dairy Enzyme) - 1,000 FIP*
    • Bromelain (Protein Enzyme) - 100,000 PU*
    • Cellulase (Fibre Enzyme) - 500 CU*
    • Papain (Protein Enzyme) 100,000 PU*
    • Invertase (Carbohydrate Enzye) - 300SU*
    • Maltase (Carbohydrate Enzyme) - 300DP*
    • Alpha Galactosidase (Carboydrate Enzyme) - 150 GalU*
    • (Contains milk, wheat and soya)
  • Botanical Comfort Blend - 225mg
    • Providing: Cumin Powder (Cuminum cyminum seed), Chamomile (Matricaria reucutita flower), Anise Powder (Pimpinella anisum seed), Fennel Extract (4:1), (Foeniculum vulgare seed), Ginger Extract (4:1) (Zingiber officinale root),
  • Bulking Agents: microcystalline cellulose, maltodextrin
  • Vegetable Capsule Shell: Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose
  • Anti-caking agents: silicon dioxide, vegetable magnesium stearate
  • No Yeast, sweeteners, Artificial flavours or colours
  • *       DU: Alpha-amylase Dextrinising Unit
    • HUT: Haemoglobin Unit Tyrosine Base
    • ALU: Acid Lactase Unit
    • endo-PGU: Pectinase Unit
    • FIP: Fungi Lipase-International FIP Standard
    • PU: Papain Unit
    • CU: Cellulase Unit
    • SU: Sumner Unit
    • DP: Degrees Diastatic Power
    • GalU: Galactosidas Activity Unit


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