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Scopoderm TTS 1.5 Scopolamine Patches 2

Scopoderm TTS 1.5 Scopolamine Patches 2

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Scopoderm TTS 1.5 Patches 2

Scopoderm TTS 1.5 patch for the prevention of motion sickness.

Scopoderm TTS Patch is designed for the prevention of motion sickness such as can occur when travelling by boat, plane, train or car.

We regret that we are unable to accept orders for this product from the United States of America. Any orders received from the USA for this item will be refunded and cancelled.

Scopoderm TTS 1.5 patch is applied behind the ear and provides a programmed release of the active ingredient through the intact skin into the bloodstream over a prolonged period of up to 3 days.

The transdermal therapeutic system (TTS) of Scopoderm is designed for the prevention of motion sickness caused by any means (plane, train, boat or motor vehicle) and which can cause nausea, dizziness and vomiting.

Scopoderm can NOT be used by everybody. There are a number of restrictions on the use of Scopoderm. Please read this web page carefully before purchasing.

Please e-mail if you have any concerns or require further information.

Scopoderm Restrictions:

Scopoderm TTS must not be used by persons sensitive to scopolamine or by those suffering from glaucoma (increased pressure within the eye).

Since little experience has been obtained in treating children with Scopoderm TTS, those under 10 years of age should not be treated with this medicine.

Pregnant and nursing mothers should use Scopoderm TTS only after having consulted with their doctor.

Scopoderm Precautions: Before using Scopoderm TTS, please consult with your doctor or pharmacist for advice:

  • If you are suffering from any form of gastro-intestinal obstruction.
  • If you are having any difficulties when passing water (e.g. enlargement of the prostate)
  • If you have (or have had in the past) any metabolic, liver or kidney disease.
  • If you have suffered in the past or are now suffering from pain in the eyes, blurred vision or rainbow coloured halos around lights.
  • If you have had epiliptic seizures in the past or are now suffering from epilepsy.

Under these circumstances, Scopoderm TTS may be unsuitable for you. Also, elderly patients should consult their doctor before using Scopoderm TTS. Since Scopoderm TTS can cause drowsiness and other side effects, you should not drive or operate machinery while under treatment from it.

In rare cases, confusional states and visual hallucinations may occur. Should this happen, remove the Scopoderm patch at once and notify a doctor as soon as possible.

Hypersensitivity reactions may occur with ordinary therapeutic doses of scopolamine. Scopoderm TTS Patches should NOT be used with other products for the prevention of motion sickness. If you are undergoing medical treatment or taking other medicines, please ask your doctor whether Scopoderm TTS is suitable for you. Avoid alcohol while using Scopderm TTS Patches.

Scopoderm TTS Side Effects: During use of Scopoderm TTS, the following side effects may occur:

  • Frequently, temporary dyness of the mouth
  • Frequent blurring of near vision and enlargement of the pupils (sometimes just one eye only), especially if traces of the active substance on the hands enters the eyes; occasionally, irritation of the eyelids
  • Occasionally drowsiness
  • Rarely, difficult in passing water
  • Occasionally, localised skin irritation; in isolated cases, generalised skin rash
  • In isolated cases, impairment of memory or concentration, restlessness, dizziness, disorientation, confusion and hallucinations.

Should you find such effects troublesome, please remove Scopoderm TTS and if necessary consult a doctor.

Unwanted effects after removal of Scopoderm TTS: In rare cases, usually after several days of use of Scopoderm TTS - symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headache and disturbances of balance have been reported after discontinuation of treatment. If this happens, please consult a doctor.

Scopoderm Ingredients: Each patch contains 1.5mg Scopolamine releasing 1mg per 72 hours

Scopoderm  Dosage: Apply ONE Scopoderm TTS Patch behind the ear every three days. Please read enclosed instructions carefully before use. Do NOT place a Scopoderm TTS Patch behind each ear.

Scopoderm Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. Handle Scopoderm TTS patches carefully, wash hands thoroughly after application. Always dispose of Scopoderm TTS Patches carefully.

Scopoderm Presentation: Each pack contains 2 patches

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