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Radiance ManukaGuard Honey 12+ Lozenges 16

Radiance ManukaGuard Honey 12+ Lozenges 16

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Radiance ManukaGuard Honey 12+ Lozenges 16 (Temporarily Unavailable)

Radiance ManukaGuard Honey 12+ Lozenges are made from 100% New Zealand Pure Bioactive Manuka Honey 12+ to Help Soothe Throats and Support Immune Function and Healing

Radiance ManukaGuard Honey 12+ Lozenges May also be Supportive in Conditions such as Tonsilitis, Gum Disease, Heartburn and Indigestion

Bioactive Manuka Honey is known to have valuable medicinal properties including antimicrobial, immune boosting, healing, soothing and anti-inflammatory activity.

Radiance ManukaGuard Lozenges consist of pure manuka honey collected from remote and unpolluted forest in the North Island of New Zealand, in an area very dense with Manuka Trees. The honey harvested from these hives is exceptionally pure, high quality Bioctive honey. Research has shown that this factor has a strong action against Streptococcus and other bacteria associated with most sore throats. It may also be effective against Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria that is a common cause of stomach and peptic ulcers.

Radiance ManukaGuard Lozenges have a wide range of uses and make a valuable addition to every first aid kit or cupboard. They help relieve sore throats, tonsilitis, gum disease and also help prevent infection after dental surgery. They may be taken to aid heartburn and dyspepsia, and are useful as an adjunct to the treatment of gastro-intestinal ulcers. The lozenges can be softened and applied topically to external wounds to help reduce inflammation, inhibit bacterial growth and speed healing. Dissolved in water, they make an efficient glucose replacement drink during and after excercise, and having a mineral content, have an added benefit.

Directions: Dissolve one lozenge in the mouth, followed by another lozenge if required. Repeat if needed up to every 2 to 3 hours.

Presentation: Each pack contains 16 lozenges

Precautions:  Store below 20 degrees C in a cool place. Keep out of reach of children.  If symptoms persist, please contact your doctor.

Ingredients: 100% New Zealand 12+ Active Manuka Honey - 2.8g

Nutritional Information - Each lozenge (2.8g) contains:

  • Energy - 47Kj
  • Calories - 11
  • Protein > 5 ug
  • Saturated fat - 50ug
  • Trans fat < 1ug
  • Total fat - 65ug
  • Sugars - 2g
  • Total Carbohydrate - 2.63g
  • Sodium - 60ug


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