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OXYGEN Blemish Acne Gel for Problem or Oily Skin - Women and Teen 10ml

OXYGEN Blemish Acne Gel for Problem or Oily Skin - Women and Teen 10ml

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OXYGEN Blemish / Acne Gel Women and Teen 10ml

OXYGEN Blemish / Acne Gel is a Specially Formulated Blemish Gel That Targets Pimple Prone Areas For All Skin Types

OXYGEN Blemish / Acne Gel is an Effective Formula Which Penetrates Deep Inside the Pore to Unblock Trapped Dirt and Help Dry Out Oil That Can Cause Pimple Formation, Redness and Inflammation

OXYGEN Blemish / Acne Gel contains Canadian Willow Herb, a native plant that grows in the northern forests of Canada and is used by the indigenous peoples of this area for its medicinal values. It has been shown to have effective action against P. Acne bacterium associated with acne. Canadian Willow herb is a known anti-inflammatory, has free radical scavenging ability, wound healing properties, and helps to reduce pain. Manuka honey (Leptospermum scoparium mel) 15+ is an effective antiseptic and can fight many forms of bacterial infections. The New Zealand Natural Manuka honey used in this product has a unique manuka factor of 15+, providing natural antiseptic qualities, also providing low levels of hydrogen peroxide which has antiseptic activity as well. New Zealand Hops, (Humulus Lupulus), is a high performance botanical hop that keeps skin soft and supple and delays anti-aging. A great extract for anti-inflammatory issues of the skin such as acne.

Directions: Apply using a cotton bud to the affected area to soothe and repair skin. Follow with Oxygen Moisturiser

Presentation: Each pack contains 10ml

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients listed. 


  • Aqua(water), Epilobium angustifolium (Canadian Willowherb) Extract, Leptospermum scoparium mel (Manuka Honey) UMF 15+, Organic Humulus lupulus (NZ Hops), Organic Guar Gum, Dehydroacetic acid, Benzyl alcohol (Geogard 221), Organic Oenothera biennis (Evening primrose) oil, Decyl Glucoside, Spirulina platensis extract, Organic Aloe barbodensis leaves Extract
  • No filler ingredients, genetically modified engineered ingredients, parabens, artificial colours, sodium lauryl sulphates, mineral oil, petro chemicals
  • No animal testing

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