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Lifestream Wheat Grass Certified Organic Powder 100g

Lifestream Wheat Grass Certified Organic Powder 100g

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Lifestream Wheat Grass Powder Certified Organic 100g

Lifestream Wheat Grass is a 100% Pure, NZ Grown, Certified Organic Wholesome Green Food Made From the Fresh Leaves of Young Wheat Grass Plants

Lifestream Wheat Grass Contains Vast Amounts of Naturally Occurring Minerals, B Vitamins, Antioxidants and Chlorophyll in a Perfect 'Nature-Made' Blend, Suitable for Adults, Children and Pregnant Women.

Lifestream Wheat Grass is grown slowly through summer for around 90 days, accumulating vitamins and minerals and storing them in their leaves until they reach their nutritional peak. It is then harvested at peak potency and "flash air dried" in minutes to ensure the nutrients are not damaged or compromised. This is shown by the rich chlorophyll content, which is a good indicator for correct growing practice, high quality plants and gentle processing. Lifestream also mills all their plants to an ultra fine particle size to ensure easy mixing and absorption. The growing cycle of Lifestream Wheat Grass produces a much higher quality and nutritionally concentrated wheat grass plant than the tray-growing process can produce.

Lifestream Wheat Grass is certified organic by AsureQuality NZ, contains no chemicals, synthetic additives, bulking agents like corn syrup solids, genetically engineered maltodextrin, rice flour or fillers and the plants are not chlorine washed. It is grown outside in the natural sunshine for over 90 days in the beautiful fresh pastures of South Canterbury. It is harvested and flash air dried immediately after being transferred into the drying facility. It is 100% gluten free, vegetarian/vegan, dairy free, free from genetic engineering and is available in capsules for convenience or powder to make delicious fruit smoothies.

Lifestream Wheat Grass is GLUTEN

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