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Lifestream Vitamin C Acerola Capsules 220

Lifestream Vitamin C Acerola Capsules 220

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Lifestream Vitamin C Acerola Capsules 220

Lifestream Vitamin C Acerola is a Pure Naturally C-Rich Extract Made From Ethically Produced 100% Organic Acerola Berries Harvested By Hand From Organic Orchards Near the Brazilian RainForest

Lifestream Vitamin C Acerola Derived From Organic Acreola Berries Food Source is Dynamic, and Also Consists of Enzymes, Co-enzymes, Antioxidants, Trace Minerals, Activators, Rutin, Bioflavonoids, Mineral Co-factors and other Components and Therefore Nutritionally Far Superior and Incomparable to Man-made Synthetic Vitamin C Supplements

Lifestream Vitamin C Acerola is an innovated new concept in vitamin C supplementation made from the powerful little berry Acerola which is rich in vitamin C. Lifestream Natural Vitamin C Acerola berries are environmentally-friendly and ethically grown, and are gently extracted in a facility with a reforestation program that plants indigenous trees in protected areas at a rate of 25% more than the total company carbon footprint. The berries are harvested by hand, from certified orchards near the Brazilian rainforest, at the optimum time, when the colour reveals their peak vitamin C content. Just minutes from the orchards, they are gently concentrated in a cold-liquid extraction that cleans, filters and dries at low temperatures. This protects the fragile, heat and oxygen sensitive natural vitamin C. The potent Acreola concentrates are then put into a natural matrix with pure, nutritive, certified organic tapioca root powder. This innovation means that the use of any potentially genetically modified material can be completely avoided. The Vitamin C content is analysed and confirmed via stringent testing. In New Zealand, the pure certified organic powder is put into capsules.

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and is stored in the body for only a few hours. Big doses of Vitamin C are not always better, and when ingested at smaller regular doses, the absorption is nearly 100%. Also, supplementation with nutritionally-rich wholefood offers far superior bio-available nutrition. The human body is designed to absorb nutrition from natural foods. Many studies now show that the nutrients in whole foods are better assimilated, digested, absorbed and retained than their synthetic counterparts.

The human body is unable to make Vitamin C therefore it is vital to get adequate vitamin C from dietary sources for health and well-being. The elderly and smokers are likely to be deficient, and a lack of vitamin C can seriously compromise health both in the short and long term

Vitamin C is essential for our health. It is an important antioxidant that protects us from winter ills and chills, supports the immune system and is beneficial in times of stress. It promotes healthy gums and supports strong healthy collagen and connective tissue. It is necessary for strong healthy bones, joints and tendons and is important for iron absorption. It supports skin suppleness and elasticity, supports healthy healing of wounds, helps to protect against the damaging effects of free radicals, and assists capillary tone whilst also supporting healthy, toned capillaries.

Lifestream Vitamin C Acerola is suitable for the whole family. It contains 100% Natural Vitamin C and is ethically produced from certified Acerola berries. Each capsule has been standardised to contain 85mg of all-natural vitamin C for optimum bio-availability.

Directions: Adults: Take 2 - 3 capsules daily, ideally around mealtimes Children (7-12 years): Take 1 - 2 capsules daily

Presentation: Each pack contains 220 capsules

Precautions: Not to be used for children under 2 years old without medical advice. Keep out of reach of children. If symptoms persist, please contact your doctor.

Ingredients: Each capsule contains:

  • Malpighia glabra (Acreola - certified organic) standardised extract equivalent to fresh fruit - 11.5g
    • containing natural ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) - 85mg
  • Also contains organic tapioca starch, and non-organic ingredients: vegetarian hypromellose capsule, rice starch, vegetarian magnesium stearate
  • Free from synthetic ascorbic acid, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
  • Packed in 100% Sugarcane Plastic packaging - kerbside recyclable.


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