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Emla Cream 5% 30g

Emla Cream 5% 30g

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Emla Cream 30g

Emla Cream 5% for Topical Anaesthesia

Emla Cream is used to anaesthetise the skin prior to procedures such as needle puncture, insertion of iv catheters, blood sampling, minor skin surgery, tattooing or laser tattoo removal.

Emla Cream contains 2 local anaesthetics, Lignocaine and Prilocaine to temporarily deaden the pain response. These local anaesthetics are mixed in a special base which allows the active ingredients to pass through the skin. The numbing effect of Emla Cream allows minor surgical procedures to be done without you feeling any pain. However you may still experience feeling pressure in this area if touched.

Directions: Apply about 2 grams as a thick layer. Do not rub in. Cover with an occlusive dressing. Do not spread the cream. After 60 minutes remove the dressing. Wipe off the Emla. Clean the entire area and begin procedure.

Presentation: Each pack of Emla Cream contains a 30 g tube containing Lignocaine 25mg/g and Prilocaine 25mg/g.

Precautions: If skin irration occurs, stop use immediately and seek medical attention. Do not apply near eyes. Do not apply to broken skin.


  • Lignocaine - 25mg/g
  • Prilocaine - 25mg/g
  • Special Cream Base


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