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Durex Intimate Feel Condoms 12

Durex Intimate Feel Condoms 12

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Durex Intimate Feel Condoms 12

Durex Intimate Feel Condoms with extra lube for heightened sensitivity.

Not only are these condoms extra lubricated, but Durex Intimate Feel are also ultra fine to heighten sensitivity and enhance feeling during sex.

Durex Intimate Feel is a premium quality condom from the company you know and trust. Dermatologically tested Durex Intimate Feel condoms are made from an ultra-fine natural latex with extra lube for added comfort and pleasure.

Durex Intimate Feel Directions: Please read the leaflet in the pack before use. Always dispose of used condoms thoughtfully.

Durex Intimate Feel Presentation: Each pack contains 12 ultra-fine condoms. Nominal width 56mm.

Durex Intimate Feel Precautions: No method of contraception can give you 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or sexually transmitted infections. Use a Durex Intimate Feel condom once only.

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