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Cramp-Stop Spray 25ml

Cramp-Stop Spray 25ml

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Cramp Stop Spray 25ml

Fast Acting Cramp Stop!

Cramp Stop is an easy to use homeopathic cramp formulation.

Cramp Stop is perfectly legal for competitive sports men and women.

Simply spray Cramp Stop once under your tongue and repeat in 30 to 60 seconds if necessary. Use fast acting Cramp Stop at any time - particularly at night, for sports or during pregnancy.

  • Cramp Stop is Fast Acting
  • Cramp-Stop is easy to use
  • Good Safety Profile
  • No Stimulants in Cramp-Stop
  • Cramp Stop is Legal for Use in Sport
  • Non Drug Formulation 

Cramp Stop Directions: Spray one dose of Cramp Stop under the tongue when required. You can repeat your dose of Cramp Stop 30 to 60 seconds later if desired.

Cramp Stop may be used:

  • In Sport
  • During Pregnancy
  • At Night
  • Everyday

Muscle cramp can be painful and debilitating. It usually occurs during or after exercise, at night or during pregnancy, but often for no apparent reason. Cramp Stop may be beneficial to women during pregnancy.

Cramp Stop is proudly made in New Zealand. 
Cramp Stop is also available in a 100ml refill bottle - click here to view

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