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Clinicians MigraDol Capsules 60

Clinicians MigraDol Capsules 60

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Clinicians MigraDol Capsules 60

Clinicians MigraDol Capsules are a vitamin and mineral combination for blood vessel and smooth muscle health

Clinicians MigraDol Capsules can be used to help ease migraine attacks along side conventional medication and can act as a preventative to help with the management of migraine headaches

Clinicians MigraDol Capsules contains:

  • Magnesium appears to be vital for the health of every cell in the body. It helps to decrease tissue irritability which lessens the contraction of smooth muscles in the lining of blood vessels and helps the blood to carry oxygen. Low levels of it may be the cause of the deficiency in energy metabolism in people with migraines, cluster headaches and menstrual migraines. Studies have idicated that magnesium is effective at preventing migraine headaches.
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) may help to maintain vascular tone by helping to reduce the sensitivty of the lining in blood vessels, to inflammatory mediators. It also helps to enhance energy production in cells which appears to effect the development migraines. Studies have idicated that Vitamin B2 may reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.

Clinicians MigraDol Capsules are safe to be used long term and alongside conventional medication prescribed for the management of migraine headaches. It can be both used as a preventative to help reduce the frequency and intensity of them as well as during migraine attacks to ease them.

Directions: Take THREE capsules daily, either together as one dose or divided into three doses - take with food.

Presentation: Each bottle contains 60 Capsules.

Precautions: Keep Clinicians MigraDol Capsules out of reach of children. Do NOT take Clinicians MigraDol Capsules if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients listed. Do NOT exceed the recommended dose. If taking Clinicians MigraDol Capsules long term, a Calcium supplement should also be taken.

Ingredients: Each gelatin capsule contains:

  • Vitamin B2 (as Riboflavin) - 133mg
  • Magnesium (from Magnesium Aspartate) - 133mg


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