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Anusol Ointment 50g

Anusol Ointment 50g

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Anusol Ointment 50G

Anusol Ointment Provides Relief of the Symptoms Associated with Haemorrhoids and Minor Rectal Inflammation.

Anusol Ointment Relieves the Burning, Itching and Soreness of Haemorrhoids and Minor Rectal Inflammation and Irritation.

Anusol Ointment is a haemorrhoidal ointment which provides prompt relief of haemorrhoidal discomfort. It can also be useful for minor skin irritations, itching and chafing.

Directions: Wash and dry affected area. Apply ointment twice daily ensuring area is completely covered. Attach the plastic applicator tip onto the open tube. Insert tip into rectum and gently squeeze the tube. After use wash nozzle in a hot solution of detergent and then thoroughly rinse in clear water. If difficulty is experienced in squeezing the ointment out of the tube, warm tube by holding it between the hands for a few minutes.

Presentation: Each tube contains 50g

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. If symptoms persist, please contact your doctor.

Ingredients: Zinc Oxide 10.75% w/w, Peru Balsam 1.88% w/w, Benzyl Benzoate 1.25% w/w in a bland base.

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