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Aci-Jel Vaginal Jelly 100g

Aci-Jel Vaginal Jelly 100g

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Aci-Jel Vaginal Jelly 100g

Aci-Jel Therapeutic Vaginal Jelly restores and maintains the natural pH balance of the vagina!

Aci-Jel Therapeutic Vaginal Jelly helps maintain a healthy environment in the vagina thus preventing harmful bacterial infections.

Aci-Jel Vaginal Jelly helps maintain a healthy vaginal environment. A healthy vagina has a protective highly acid environment that protects against harmful bacteria. Restoring the correct acidity levels in the vagina helps maintain a healthy environment where harmful bacteria find it difficult to establish themselves. A normal healthy vaginal pH is in the range of 4.0 to 5.0 and Aci-Jel helps to restore to this optimal level.

Aci-Jel Vaginal jelly helps restore your natural balance. An imbalance may lead to bacterial vaginosis, a condition with an embarrassing odour, discomfort and an unpleasant watery gray discharge.

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By helping to maintain and restore natural vaginal pH balance Aci-Jel vaginal jelly makes infections less likely to occur. The acid environment encouraged by Aci-Jel vaginal jelly works to slow and destroy growth of infective organisms.

Aci-Jel Vaginal Jelly has been discontinued in the United Kingdom. We are happy to ship Aci-Jel to the UK for you. Our prices include free shipping.

Each 5 grams of Aci-Jel Therapeutic Vaginal Jelly contains glacial acetic acid 47mg, hydroxyquinoline sulphate 1.25mg, ricinoleic acid 37.5mg, glycerol 250mg and propyl hydroxybenzoate 2.5mg as preservative.

Insert ONE applicatorful into the vagina TWICE daily or as directed by your physician. Aci-Jel vaginal jelly may cause damage to condoms and diaphragms. It is recommended that you use an alternate form of contraception for 5 days after last using Aci-Jel Vaginal Jelly.

It is possible that allergic or sensitivity reactions may occur with Aci-Jel Therapeutic Vaginal Jelly. If a reaction occurs discontinue use and flush vagina with cool water. Do not use Aci-Jel Therapeutic Vaginal Jelly if you know that you have a sensitivity to any of the ingredients. Do not use in pregnancy unless advised to by your doctor. No studies have been conducted on Aci-Jel Therapeutic Vaginal Jelly in breast-feeding women. It is not known if Aci-Jel Therapeutic Vaginal Jelly's components are excreted in human milk. Caution should be exercised by breastfeeding women using Aci-Jel. Aci-Jel Therapeutic Vaginal Jelly is not to be taken. Keep out of reach of children.

Presentation: Each pack of Aci-Jel Therapeutic Vaginal Jelly contains 100g net.A measured dose applicator is included with each pack of Aci-Jel.

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