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Radiance Amino Lysine 500mg Tablets 100

Radiance Amino Lysine 500mg Tablets 100

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Radiance Amino Lysine Tablets 100

Radiance Amino Lysine Assists in Providing the Body With Adequate Levels of this Essential Amino Acid To Help Treat Outbreaks of the Herpes Virus and Regular Supplementation may help Prevent Cold Sore Develpment

Radiance Amino Lysine Supplementation May Be Helpful in the Treatment of Cold Sores, Chicken Pox, Shingles and Possibly Genital Herpes

Lysine is an essential amino acid required as a building block for all protein in the body. As it is not manufactured by the body, it is important that adequate amounts are included in the diet. Food sources of Lysine include cheese, milk, eggs, fish, red meat, soy products, lima beans and potatoes and yeast. Lysine has many roles in the body. It helps calcium absorption and is important for healthy growth and bone development in children. It assists in the formation of collagen for bone, cartilage and connective tissues. Lysine strengthens circulation, helps regulate the body's acid/alkaline balance, plays a role in gallbladder function, assists in the storage of fats and aids in the production of antibodies, hormones and enzymes. Another beneficial ability of Lysine is its capacity for fighting cold sores and herpes viruses. Clinical trials have shown lysine supplementation to be helpful in the treatment of outbreaks the herpes virus, and taken regularly, it may help prevent cold sore development. It may also be useful in helping with chicken pox, shingles, and possibly genital herpes.

Directions: Take 1 tablet up to three times daily preferable with food

Presentation: Each pack contains 100 tablets

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. If symptoms persist, please contact your doctor. Do NOT exceed the stated dose.

Ingredients: Each tablet contains:

  • L-lysine (hydrochloride) - 500mg
  • Cellulose, magnesium stearate, silica
  • No corn, egg, gluten, milk derivatives, nuts, salicylates, salt, soy, sugar, wheat, yeast, artificial preservatives, flavouring or colours


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