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Apis Derma Original Cream

Apis Derma Original Cream

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Apis Derma Cream 50ml

Apis Derma Non-Steroidal Topical Skin Cream

Apis Derma hypo-allergenic cream has NO steroids or parabens.

Apis Derma Topical Skin Care Cream is a unique product known for its ability to support gentle healing of skin conditions. Steroid and paraben free Apis Derma rapidly soothes and moisturises while helping to reduce scale. No prescription is required to order Apis Derma which is a low allergy formulation and safe for all ages.

Developed from extracts found in the beehive, Apis Derma helps keep the skin smoothe and resilient while providing protection and support for the skin. The bee manufactures a number of products such as royal jelly and propolis to assist in the development of a healthy hive. Apis Mellifera extracts A & B are also products produced by the bee. They have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral action as well as anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. Apis Derma is safe to use at any age and does not require a prescription to buy.

Around 20% of people suffer at least some eczema or psoriasis. Sadly this statistic seems only to be worsening as dietary and environmental considerations appear to be causative. Steroidal creams have been useful in reducing symptoms but they come with side effects. Apis Derma is safe to use long term and has been designed with a hypo-allergenic, paraben free base.

Directions: Apply sparingly but often to the affected skin area. If symptoms persist contact your skin care specialist.

Presentation: Each tube of Apis Derma contains 50ml of cream.

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. For external use only -- Do NOT swallow.


  • Apis Mellifera Extracts A & B - 5%
  • Aqueous & Emulsifying Oint
  • Non Paraben Preservative

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